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Frustrated son Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger ,Patrick prefers to use her last name

Frustrated son Patrick Arnold Schwarzenegger,Patrick prefers to use her last name
Arnold Schwarzenegger adultery scandal,was very surprising and disappointing many people.Anger and disappointment also indicated the boy Arnold,Patrick Schwarzenegger.
He even changed the name of the account on Twitter that the original Patrick Schwarzenegger, became Patrick Shriver, following the last name of his mother, Maria Shriver.Even so,it seems the family is trying to pass calmly scandal.

As reported from Hollyscoop, Arnold and Patrick looks warm while spending time at Umami Burger,Santa Monica.They spend time together,though not too long.
Recently, Patrick was also seen visiting the mother who stayed at a hotel in Beverly Hills. When the photographer asked him what he thought of Arnold, Patrick calmly replied "I love him."

His father's infidelity scandal revelations in the media and the divorce of his parents was to make Patrick's frustrating. But he tried to calm and loving family.

"Sometimes it feels awful, sometimes want things to stop and return to normal, but I love my family until the death separates # family," she wrote on Twitter.

Arnold did admit his guilt and regret with this time she was seen wearing a wedding ring. Meanwhile, Maria was no longer wearing the wedding ring.

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