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Inside the World Snail uniqueness, usefulness and benefit functions

Snails belong to the soft animals (molluscs) of the class Gastropoda which means to walk with the stomach. Snails are animals that originated from East Africa.Therefore easy to breed, snail spread to all regions of the world.Snails other than as animal feed, is also a source of high quality animal protein because it contains essential amino acids complete.

Many people who enjoyed food snails. In addition, the snail is also used in traditional medicine, because flesh and mucus extract very useful for treating various diseases such as abortion, inflammation of the lining of the eye, when menstrual pain, toothache, gata, itching, and others.Initially, snails hunted many of the farmers because it is the enemy and pest of crops. However, now many are hunted and collected snails for export commodities. The demand for snails, including very high, especially from the State of France, Germany, and Japan as food.

Sexual maturity between several months to 2 years of marriage snails are hermaphrodites or calamine-type females but for males while fertilized eggs can take 2 tails snail who do marriage.

A snail can reproduce 6 times a year after marriage snails will split take the path respectively utuk spawn.

Snails produce 20-80 eggs are spherical and translucent, eggs laid in the ground under the stone. After several weeks of snail eggs will hatch and the shells will be enlarged to follow growth,Food snails are plants that dipetiknya from perkelanaannya results using small teeth which berebentuk such as grated.
The latter is the uniqueness of the shell of a snail is in addition to functioning as a protection but it can also function as the lungs. Gas exchange between air and blood occurs in the wall of hole-rich palleal blood vessels.

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